Connected Educator

Twitter Live Chat

Through the Twitter live chat exercise I feel I learned about a whole new world and avenue to connect with fellow educators and professionals in a fast a broad network. Because of Twitter’s vast following and search engine, everyone can be connected in a matter seconds and respond to questions and comments from many different perspectives without delay.

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome was the 140 max characters on Twitter. There were many times I had to re-write my comments to make them fit right. The other challenge I experienced is the layout of the site. I suppose if I continue to use Twitter it will all make more sense to me but as a first time user it took a little longer to go through the different options and functions.

I personally feel I could use Twitter throughout my life as a great gathering place for broad and focused educational conversations and news. I like that i can go to this one place to have discussions about ideas, methods, and techniques for teaching and life lessons.

Connecting With Peers Post Chat

Connecting with my  peers, teachers, and classmates on social media is a great opportunity to gather knowledge and techniques to become a great educator. We all have the common goal of being excellent educators so connecting can be incredibly beneficial for growth and development. With all the amount of knowledge from everyone you can definitely be assured this will help me as a future educator. Following this exercise I connected with:

Marleen Heredia,

Hi Marleen! I feel if I had to pick one of these that would be a difficult time for me then it would have to be standard #4. I feel this because I am not very connected on social media in my spare time so I would naturally have a difficult time keeping up with all the constant. But here is an image that shows the importance of everything including technology to become an excellent 21st century teacher. changes.

Jenette Molina,

Hi Jenette. I really like your openness and information you gave us. It really helps to see where others are in their understanding of things of this caliber. So to be honest on a scale of 1-10 10 being best or most comfortable I feel I lay between a 6-8 on everything. When it comes to technology i feel very comfortable using it. This is because in my day job I am always using computers and machines and I am a very quick learner with that type of stuff. Here is a link to help us learn how to use technology in our future endeavors.

Edwin Gonzalez,

Hi Edwin. One of the main tech tools i could see myself using in my class would be the google forms. I think this will be a good way to judge where my students are in their learning and what I need to concentrate on. Here is a link to a site that has different ways to use google forms in the class

Lilly Rivas,

Hi Lilly. To answer your question I do not think technology will be a downside for my teaching. I plan on going on to teach high school science and I think that technology will be a major asset for me. I know when I was in high school have access to all this information would have been very beneficial.


Connecting Over Social Media and ISTE

After completing this assignment I found that it related to all the ISTE standards. But if I had to pick just one it would be #5 Engage in professional growth and leadership. I feel this because Twitter is an amazing way to connect and stay connected with professionals who help you grow into the leadership role you will have to assume when becoming a teacher.


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