Hello. I’m Garren Amora Piccolo. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach California. That is where I lived, worked, went to school, played drums in a band, and meet my now wife Candiace Amora. While there I attended Orange Coast College for way to many years trying to find a major I would enjoy. However that were to change because in 2009 we both got accepted to do our undergrad at San Francisco State University. I got accepted and earned my B.S. in Marine Biology and Candiace got her B.S. as a Dietitian. While there I was able to be part of a select few in the entire CSU system to do and entire semester on Catalina Island. While there for 16 weeks we dove everyday and did none stop lab work and our own research project. During my time at SFSU I was also given the opportunity to intern at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and then after that the Aquarium of the Pacific. After completing college I went back into the printing and sign industry because there were no good paying jobs in my field of study where I lived. So in 2014 Candiace and I decided to buy a house and move to Oceanside. However I ran into the same issue with work so I stayed in the sign business. Now I currently work doing vehicle wraps and graphics. This is the process of which I can take someone’s car and completely change it’s color and texture/ finish with an adhesive backed vinyl. We can also print on this vinyl and put advertising graphics on vehicles. I enjoy this work a lot but the problem is the work is hard on the body and there is no future with it. So this brings me to wanting to be a teacher. I have thought about this for many years but have not really strived for trying it. But I have honestly gotten to a point where I really want to make a difference in this world and at the same time have a career in which I can make a future with it. So this gives me a chance to use the education I received and put it to use and hopefully make an impact in the world by educating students of the importance of science in our everyday lives and the honest beauty of nature. Because of my timidness and lower level of patience with young children I really want to go on to teach high school science. So to end this I invite my class to join me on twitter and linkedin.